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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zippo lighter of USS Freedom LCS-1 & RSN Changi Naval Base Open House.

This lighter brings about much sentiments, especially the significance of it's origin.

It's a Black Ice finish produced in January 2013(this Year), with laser engraving of the USS Freedom (LCS-1).

Some backgrounds:

During 18-19 May 2013. Republic of Singapore Navy hosted an open house event, as well as the IMDEX Asia 2013 conferences & exhibitions held at Singapore's Changi Naval Base. Participating countries of IMDEX each deployed a battleship towards Changi Naval Base to represent in this occasion.

In-line with the open house, some of these visiting battleships along with the local's; laid their bridges to welcome the public on deck for guided-tours around their interiors.

Me visited this open house during the 18th with a friend, looking into some ships which we managed to board.

Republic Of Singapore Navy 

Indonesian Navy
(Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Laut, TNI–AL)

Royal Australian Navy

Indian Navy
(Devanāgarī: भारतीय नौ सेना, Bhāratīya Nau Sen)


Here're all about this Black Ice lighter: 

USS Freedom (LCS-1) represented the United States during IMDEX. Such popular host, inviting the longest waiting queue for boarding.

We were greeted on board Freedom, & soon approached a table manned by some crew-members selling souvenirs of this ship. Stuffs were laid out such as T-shirts, caps, towels, key-chains, formation patches & this Zippo lighter.

Feeling thrilled, making it compulsory to grab a piece. Been having some interests collecting Zippo lighters of the American Naval Ships, which aren't quite easily obtained. Hadn't imagined myself in touch with reality, making hand-to-hand purchase of a collectible with crew members on deck an actual ship! 

 Briefly spoken to a few about my lighters collection, before heading for the guided tour.

'Political' Backgrounds of it's deployment:

Picture from Google Image

That's my story behind this lighter of USS Freedom LCS-1, & that open house's visit to the Naval Base of my home country. 

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